1. # how to burn a DVD-Video under Linux with mkisofs and dvdrecord
  2. # how I burn the information found in $DATA_FOR_DVD on a dvd+rw using linux (and a sony dvd/cd rewritable drive unit model dru-500ax which is found at /dev/dvd):
    1. # specify where the information for the DVD can be found, where the temporary iso file can be stored, and the name of the DVD iso image:
       export DATA_FOR_DVD=/tmp/dvd 
    2. # clean the dvd+rw:
       sudo dvd+rw-format -force /dev/dvd 
    3. # perform the writing (master and burn an iso9660 volume):
       growisofs -speed=2 -r -T -multi -overburn -Z /dev/dvd $DATA_FOR_DVD 
    4. # append more data to an already mastered volume (make sure to use the same options for both initial burning and following sessions):
       growisofs -speed=2 -r -T -multi -overburn -M /dev/dvd $DATA_FOR_DVD 
    5. # perform the writing of a pre-mastered iso9660 volume to a dvd:
       growisofs -speed=2 -dvd-compat -r -T -multi -overburn -Z /dev/dvd $DATA_FOR_DVD